Campground Guidelines

How to camp safely with us.

Wilpena Pound Campground Guidelines

Our campground is open but the way we camp has now changed. To allow us to adhere to social distancing and hygiene protocols, we will be changing the way we operate. You must be willing to adhere to the below guidelines if you plan to camp with us.

Campsite Allocation

We will be reducing the number of camp sites we take bookings for.

We will accept bookings for every second site, which will allow us to leave one vacant site between all campsites.

Take a look at our campground map, and choose your campsite before you book. Campsite allocation will be strictly adhered to and there will be no 'change of mind' possible after arrival.

Maximum Numbers

Bookings will now be for a maximum of one 'household unit' of 4 persons per campsite.

If there is more than 4 people in your group you will need to book another site.


We strongly recommend that you book and pay for your campsite in advance.

Due to the reduction in the number of campsites available, we can not guarantee you will be able to camp, unless you have a confirmed campsite booking.

As we are operating with a reduced team, we recommend booking via our website. We may not be able to answer all emails and phone calls in a timely manner.

Communal Areas

Use of communal areas are restricted to only one person per 4 square metres (e.g. BBQ's, bathrooms).

After use of a communal area, all surfaces are to be appropriately cleaned and all refuse and personal items removed.

Amenities Blocks

We will be encouraging strict hygiene in bathrooms.

At any one time, shower blocks should only be used by one ‘household unit’ (max 4 persons), or individuals adhering to the 1 person per 4 square metre rule.

You should thoroughly clean all surfaces after use.

We also encourage the wearing of flip-flops or thongs, when showering.


Please note that for the time being, our restaurant will not be open.

Our on-site IGA Xpress general store will be open daily between 1:30pm and 5:30pm.


We are doing everything possible to manage our campground in a safe way.

However it is now important that campers and other park visitors are self-sufficient. You should always bring your own cooking, cleaning and personal hygiene products with you.

We also require you to provide us with a Health Declaration on arrival. Without this you will not be able to stay with us. You can download the Health Declaration form here and complete the details and bring it with you to save time at check-in.

Health Declaration Form