School Holiday Activities

Activities for all ages at Wilpena Pound Resort.

School Holiday Activites at Wilpena Pound Resort!

We've got a calendar of activities across the school holidays to suit all ages and interests.

See the team at reception or the Visitors Centre for details of booking requirements, venues and pricing.

Bush Tucker Tasting - Easter 2020

DATE: Easter Saturday 11th April 2020

TIME: 11:00AM-14:00PM (tentative and to be confirmed)


$10.00 per adult

$30.00 per family of 4

Call us to book or book at resort reception.

NB: The above image is a sample only and not a true representation of how the Bush Tucker Tasting will be undertaken.


Entrée- Dips with Native Dukkha/Oil and relish with a slice of Damper

Mains- Sausage sizzle, chicken, beef -Marinated Roo meat (Orroroo meats)

Dessert- Urti (Quandong) and Damper with cream (small portions)