Australian Boy's Choir Sings Adnyamathanha Song

01st October 2017

There wasn't a dry eye in the audience yesterday as the Australian Boys Choir sang a song writtend by late Adnyamathanha Elder 'Buck' McKenzie, under the towering red river gums at Wilpena Pound Resort. Adnyamathanha families came from as far away as Leigh Creek to witness the once in a life time event.

"Big Mountain - Wilpena Pound' was written by my uncle because he missed the place when he went away to work as a shearer", said Mick McKenzie, nephew of Buck McKenzie and tour guide at Wilpena Pound Resort. "My father came along yesterday to hear his brothers’ song being performed, and was thrilled that the song lives on with the young kids The experience was very special and will stay with him forever”.

Voices soared and the local birds joined in as the Choir performed a selection of songs durng their 45 minute performance.