Silo Art Trail to the Flinders Ranges

20th May 2020

South Australia has some great street art in and around Adelaide, but it's recently seen regional silos and water tanks being decorated with some pretty amazing artworks. We've found a route which takes you on a day trip from Adelaide to the Flinders Ranges, so grab your camera, you're in for a treat.

Now more than ever it's vitally important that regional towns in South Australia receive visitors. Every cent you spend, even on a cup of coffee, helps a small business keep their doors open and their staff employed.

To make it easy, you can download a printed map from the Australian Silo Art Trail website. The map provides the street address or GPS coordinates for each artwork, along with a brief description of the artists and the artwork itself.

So hit the road, enjoy your drive, and we'll see you when you get to the Flinders Ranges.


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(Image credit Australian Silo Art Trail)